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Hello reader… it’s Mike with an important message about your health.

There’s one thing for certain that is bound to happen to you in today’s American diet that mainly consist of manufactured and processed food products. Along with that, we have had a move toward higher uses of medical drugs.

Most American’s will either get related symptoms or may be already showing the signs of this epidemic health condition that is not so easily spotted by even the professionals.

Okay… let me spell this out for you… there’s a unhealthy condition that is sweeping America, hitting not only women, but also men and children.

Some people experience skin rashes, others gas and bloating, and still others experience premature skin aging and food cravings

This condition is not easily treated because many doctors look at the symptoms and mis-diagnosis it as one of the more common condition. Many times doctors treat their patient with antibiotics that actually make things worst for two reasons:

  1. The antibiotics kill the stomachs good bacteria that keep these conditions at bay.
  2. The overuse of antibiotics has led to a new strain of bacteria called super bugs that no antibiotic can kill, they have become immune to antibiotics.

Many people experience skin rashes or yeast infections. Some may believe women are more likely to experience this condition when in fact, men and children are also getting symptoms from this infection, showing up as different symptoms.

Similar to the times doctors mis-daignosis tick bites for other dieases or illnesses, this condition is, and has been mis-diagnosied and treated unsuccessfully as well. Meanwhile many American’s continue to suffer for weeks, months, even years.

So what the heck is this condition, it’s cause, and what can we do to either prevent it, or stop it when we contact this infection?

Let me start with what it is….

Our guts host both good and bad bacteria which is used and needed for good digestion of food. If our food is not properly digested we will not be able to supply the body with the nutrition it needs to function properly. If our digestive system is not functioning properly we can literally starve our body as far down as the cell level. At this level of nutritional starvation, our DNA can be damaged.

As long as our good bacteria is more in number than our bad bacteria things in the body will work much better, giving us less flair ups of skin rashes, skin disorders, allergies, and several other symptoms.

These symptoms are simply a case of your bad bacteria overtaking your good bacteria, becoming the dominant bacteria. Bad bacteria, like anything else living in nature, wants to survive. The way it survives is by telling your brain you’re hungry. Many times the voice of your bad bacteria will call out to you, hinting to consume something sweet, to eat some grains, or maybe some dairy..

Most American’s have not learned or been taught about the importance of the stomach and digestion.

Many food manufacturers hope you’ll never find out this information. If you do, they may be in trouble… they may lose profits.”

And forget that fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt! If your brand of yogurt contains fruit, sugar, corn syrup, or an artificial sweetner, it will only feed your bad bacteria.

You need to understand.that a lot of what we are eating and drinking on a daily basis is contributing to our growing over-weight society. You know, the one that you see if you look around you when you go shopping.

The bad product lines at your local grocery store and advertised heavily on television, like pizzas, subs, dairy, and more are all leading us to poor health and multiple symptoms.

Listen… I have found this to be true when I tried to go back to doing ab exercises to trim up my stomach muscles. I had gas and bloating almost 24/7. Everything I’d tried to tighten my ab muscles were complete failures. I looked like I was a pragnant man or I swallowed a basketball whole.

It wasn;t until I started taking a probiotic that I shaw changes in my stomach and my overall health.

Okay then…. There’s a lot more to learn about this condition and of all it’s possible symptoms. That’s why I recommend that you click here > How I cured my yeast infection to find out it you have any of the symptoms caused by bad yeast.

Stop bladder, urinary tract infections, and skin rashes without anitbiotics that probably won’t do you a bit of good… more likely, antibiotic treatments will make your condition even worst, lasting longer than it could and costing you lots of money and time in the process.

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If you have noticed your gut has swelled up over the years, you may want to learn how to get rid of gas and bloating problems the easy and affordable way.

You may nave been thinking, “why do I have gas and bloating all the time?”

In most cases, gas and bloating are the symptoms of a poor diet. There are more serious conditions like Cron’s disease that your doctor may diagnosis.

But for many people, gas and bloating are a clear sign of being directly related to several problem foods that kill off bacteria in the gut. When bad bacteria takes up residence in the stomach (intestinal tract) the results are a craving for junk foods that feed bad bacteria, leading to worsening health in many different forms.

And while yogurt makers claim they have the answer… allow me to give you a more detailed scenario of most yogurts.

While it is true that acidophiles in yogurt is beneficial to your digestion, the process used to make yogurt is not. Dairy products go through a process called pasteurization, which is a method of killing off bad bacteria with very high heat. The process itself not only kills the bad bacteria, but also the good.

Another method used to pasteurize dairy is using a type of food grade peroxide as a bleaching agent. Again, both good and bad bacteria are killed in the process.

One of the main culprits that kills off stomach and intestinal bacteria (the beneficial kind) is sugar and artificial sweeteners… even corn syrup. So when fruit is added to yogurt, so is a contradiction to what you are trying to achieve… more good bacteria than bad. The sugar feeds the bad bacteria and helps the bad bacteria overpower your good bacteria.

Gas and bloating are the symptoms, the end result of a over throw of rule in your gut. It’s like a country with a reasonable ruler (good bacteria) that has been taken over by a dictator (bad bacteria).

Lots of people who experience gas and bloating and diarrhea may visit their doctor and be given either a anti-diarrhea medication or be given an antibiotic. In the case of an antibiotic, again, the drug kills not only the good bacteria, but also all of the good. Taking echinacea leaves or root for a while will also kill off good bacteria and should be replaced after the herb is discontinued to return the stomach bacteria to normal.

If your doctor gives you gas and bloating antibiotics, keep in mind, without a post supplementation of good bacteria your gas and bloating problem will not improve because it hasn’t addressed the main problem, a lack of good bacteria to fight off the bad.

Is gas and bloating bad?

Gas and bloating left go can lead to much more serious conditions that require constant use of prescription drugs. And most people know that prescription drugs rarely ever cure, but cover-up the problem until it gets much worst and requires stronger strength drug.

What about gas and bloating after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol kills off good bacteria also. The proof is evident when you crave junk food during and after drinking alcohol. After the alcohol kills off the good bacteria leaving only the bad bacteria, the bad bacteria wants to be fed… here enters junk food!

If you experience gas and bloating after every meal it may be a good idea to start looking at your options before it becomes too late to reverse.

If you get yeast infections, acne, skin rashes, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and/or have a hard time losing weight around the stomach… it’s time to educate yourself.

Learn How to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating Problems for Good!