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In The Beginning

When I first started this blog I had intentions to do videos for local businesses. That was until I had a chance to see that it wasn’t all that profitable. If you would like to know more, continue reading.

Being a past affiliate marker I have had many product advertisements cross my desktop email box. And since video has become so popular due to the recent upgrades to video software and the videos visual and audio appeal opposed to simply boring text… well, it’s obvious why many people have gone to video as a way to both advertise and make a living creating videos for others.

As for the advertisements I’ve encountered, many being video related have caught my attention. One such advertisement led to another. Once the seed is planted into your mind, it can take on a life of its own so to speak.

I began my journey into the world of video by purchasing cheaper versions of video creation and editing software. Then I would pick up a few video assets offers that had intros, outros, lower third animations, mascots, live footage, and so on. I accumulated  a small inventory of things.

I never quite knew where the video thing was going to take me. In the past I did lots of graphic design and photo editing. I worked in vector and jpegs, then went on to try my luck at web design. I came from a background of art related studies such as; acrylic and oil painting, sketching and a few other things before I gotten into using 35mm cameras and photography.

But I still didn’t feel like those areas were where I wanted to be.

Eventually I’d gotten a advertisement that offered an approach that would allow me to use all of my past talents… creating videos for local businesses. At least that is what I thought… silly me!

A lot of what marketers tell you sound reasonable and sound, until afterwards, once you have time to really explore what you bought into.

I found out that using photos of say, plumbing and plumbers come at a hefty price. And that is if using those images only once, say per client.

In my case, I was going to create one video per profession that contained vary images from five to ten photos or a few video clips. But it turns out, most stock image sites have different license depending on how the images are going to be used.

Trying to make sure everything is legal, I contacted a supplier and ask how that might turn out as for licensing. I was told that to use one image for more than one client, it would cost me $70.20 per image.

The problem is being told by those selling that as an option, the marketers selling the video assets and software, etc. claim you can offer your created videos to local businesses at $100 – $300 per client… the numbers don’t add up when you consider you might be buying all of your images, plus the licensing.

Let’s look at this again…. If I needed to buy ten images for one video at $70.20 per image, before I every create the video, my time, I have a cost of $702. Already, the claim that I could charge $100 to $300 per video is bogus.

And what about my own time? Even if I sold my videos at $702 per video, how many local businesses would pay almost one thousand dollars for a video when their budgets may not allow for it?

I live in a small town, not a big city. And even if I did live in a big city, why would a big business buy my seven hundred dollar video when they can afford to buy a really good one for a few thousand more?

So… here I am…done with another great idea presented by another con artist.

I guess of course, I could take a loss upfront and build a client list just to get started. The thing is, everyone in business makes sure your paying them first, losing money before you can get started. It would be better to start a new business, not broke, but having some funds to progress and grow.

Not being blessed with a large cash flow, I have to say… the hell with creating videos for others.

Everything is crocked, a scam, twisted out of proportion so someone else can profit.

So, if the crocked con artist wish to play like that, then I guess I will spend my time pointing out their gimmicks and trying to get even.

All I can say to those people is, have fun screwing your neighbors and everyone else that you can… your day will come.

Michael Homan
Homan Visual Publishing


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