Thank you for your interest in Homan Visual Publishing.

What We Do

We help local businesses achieve a professional web presence by creating unique videos that help in both advertise and marketing their brand, products, and/or services.

We can add your logo, business name, address, telephone number, and display your website address. We can use some of your own jpeg or png photos as well in your personalized, branded video.

If you do not already have a logo we can create one for you.

Our Video Formats

Most of our videos are done in the mp4 format since it is the most popular for online website use. Mp4 is also great for YouTube if you have or plain to start an account there.

Types of Videos Techniques

While we’re still growing, at the present we use slide presentation with text, animated 3D characters, Live footage backgrounds, live actors, scripted audio, and 3D text animation.


We do our best to create professional looking and sounding videos.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What we can’t guarantee is the cost if you decide you want or need a professional actor to read your script. We have several pre-recorded actors we do have rights to for now that fit nicely into most professions: beauty saloon, business services, chiropractor, dentist, cleaning service, plumber, real estate, painter, etc.

Look for us on YouTube for samples.

Thank you again for your interest in our business.

Michael Homan
Homan Visual Publishing

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