Urgent Message!

There’s a major health threat that’s growing out of control… much worst than any climate change or terrorist plot threat you could image.

While barely noticed by the public this dark cloud of slow death has been reaching epidemic proportions while right in front of our eyes.

One disease after another plaguing the smallest child to the aged adult…we’re being told these results are from our inherited parental genetics.

Things just don’t add up when you ask how seemingly good DNA from previous generations (relatives) mysteriously changes into damaged genes?

And once medical science discovers a new disease and has given it a name, it seems that you can’t go far without learning most everyone has the new disease.

The medical profession claims it has your back. Nothing to worry about, right?

Too bad for everyone diseased and seeking the advice of a doctor; the only two solutions to these epidemic proportion diseases is to take dangerous side-effect causing prescription drugs.

If these snake oil drugs don’t work…well, maybe surgery may work. When the doctor can’t cover up your illness with nerve dulling pain killers or mind numbing drugs, it’s time to cut it out and throw some parts away… heck, you didn’t need that anyway! It’s similar to all of those extra DNA scientist found, didn’t know what it was for, then named it junk DNA.

Most people are conditioned to accept their fate. They have bought into the age-related disease theory as well as the genetic diseases with no consideration to the processed chemical foods their eating or dental water that they have on tap at their faucet.

It’s a real shame when considering that we have an alternative to wasting away, allowing companies to sell garbage products that slowly disintegrate organs from the inside out by heating up the body through inflammation that leads to nerve damage, organs malfunctioning, and finally… death.

Have you noticed that a lot of women are going bald, their hair is falling out today? Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s old age, or maybe… it’s because every older woman is taking high blood pressure or blood thinner medication? Could that be the connection?

Why do so many children get autism and cancer today?

When did the American public start to get over-weight? And why?

Why are so many people being diagnosed having diabetes?

Whether hereditary or not, these health problems are growing alarmingly year after year while we are being told America has the best healthcare system. What???

Why don’t we emphasize more on preventive healthcare than on healthcare for the diseased and sick?

Year after year phone calls and campaigns about women’s breast cancer awareness and the need for research money. It seems little effort is spent on preventive care that is continually allowing women to become a victim of breast cancer.

Brest cancer awareness? What about breast cancer prevention awareness?

Are our medical doctors that poorly educated, or just too busy to care?

But don;t worry, the medical profession has your back! That;s why we need two or three healthcare insurance policies to partially cover our medical visits, prescription drugs, and operations. It’s to make sure everyone involved gets paid for their services…

Meanwhile, many women lost their breast or lived through hell while trying to survive the chemo-therapy treatments.

Did I hear that oxygenation of the blood can combat cancer cells by chocking them? A fact known for some time…a doctor threatened for exposing the truth!

I want you to know right now that they only thing we can do to protect ourselves is to take charge, take responsibility for our own health. That way we can stay clear of the mad-scientist and their evil experiments!

I want to make it clear… you do not have many choices because you are not medically knowledgeable unless you’ve attended medical school or are well read.

With that in mind, I want you to understand, this information that I want you to get for yourself is a must for those who want to break free of this Frankenstein, Nazi Experiment type of healthcare system that allows us to progressively get worst so they can cash in big time!

Below I have placed a link for you that will explain this in depth.

You will never see this information offered ever again…. medical science wants it banned.

If you’re at all curious, please click here to read more about what you can do to save you and your loved ones from dying prematurely.


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